YOUR SHELF encourage the user to do handicraft. With the possibility to do handicraft on the shelves, the user makes it personal and creates a strong relation to the furniture. With the possibility to change the shelves look and place in the frame, the furniture can be used in a sustainable way for a long time. The shelf is developed make people more interested in creating things by themselves instead of buying new things. Designed in the degree project course at HDK Academy of Design & Crafts.

Steel and wood. H: 1100 W: 740 D: 740 mm. 2016.


SHARE CHAIR is inspired by the way people share the space around the dining table while eating the Banchan, the side dishes in South Korea. The four parts of SHARE CHAIR can be arranged in different ways so one person can use it or share it with others. SHARE CHAIR was exhibited at the Ventura Lambrate exhibition during Milan Design Week 2016.

Steel and leather. 450 x 450 x 450 mm. 2015.


Shoe rack with place for 24 pairs of shoes.

Steel and leather. 300 x 600 x 1750 mm. 2014.


The lamp was exhibited at the exhibition Handkraft? Ja tack! at Stockholm County Museum in 2013.

Aluminum. 350 x 350 x 400 mm. 2012.